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The Snark Box

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The next box theme is "Mocktails & Mockery"! 

Why mocktails? Because adulting is hard but your drinks don't have to be!

Enjoy some drama in your glass not in your life. Never fear can always add alcohol if that's your jam.

This quarter's box will include items to turn you into the mixologist you never thought you could be with a side of snaky humor of course! 

Each box is carefully curated and includes 5-7 snarky, sassy and smart-assy handpicked items. Each box also includes a few handmade items either made by us at Drinks and Crafts or by one of our favorite snarky small businesses.

NOTE:  Box ships on 3/8/24.


Warning: This box is an adult themed box and not recommended for children. Items may contain inappropriate language, references to alcohol, body parts, sex and other random topics.